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Perinatal Perspective Webinars

June 2018
Ghada El Khaldi, MSHCM, BSN
Neuro-protection and Developmental Care

December 2018
Renee Vitullo, RN-BC
Nursing Informatics: The Past, Present, and Future

April 2019
Robin B. Knobel Dail PhD, RN, FAAN
Hypothermia in the Premature Infant - Prevention and Monitoring

October 2019
Ghada El Khaldi, MSHCM, BSN
Neonatal Resuscitation: A Review of Guidelines
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Biological explanations of Prematurity: Linking to Todays Research Efforts
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Failure to Rescue
Feeding Challenges
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Guidelines for Care of the Late Pre-term Infant
High Risk Obstetric Patient
Infection Leading to Sepsis
Interpreting Umbilical Cord Blood Gases: Whats the Secret?
Managing the Neonates Thermal Environment
Neonatal non-invasive respiratory support with High Flow Nasal Cannula
Neonatal Resuscitation - Past, Present and Future
Non-invasive Ventilatory Support
Preparing for the High Risk and Critically Ill Pregnant Woman
Rethinking Obstetric Care
Sounding Off - Managing Alarms
Sounding Off...Alarm Management in L&D and NICU
Systematic Approach to Interpretation of EFM Tracings
The Complexities of Caring for Microprems: A Nursing Perspective
The Ethical Dilemmas Concerning the Care of Extremely Premature Babies: The Neonatal Nurse Perspective
The March of Dimes Campaign to Reduce Preterm Birth
The Neonatal Golden Hour from Birth to Admission
Transition to Extrauterine Life: Multisystem Adaptation
Transitioning Baby Friendly Initiatives to the Community
Treatment of Hyperbilirubinemia
Volume Targeted Modes of Neonatal Mechanical Ventilation
Whats New and Not So New in Neonatal Resuscitation