Maternal-Infant Care
Clinical and Product Education
Patient Safety Huddle Videos
Panda Warmer and Giraffe Warmer Patient Safety Videos
Panda Warmer and Giraffe Warmer Patient Safety Videos
Giraffe OmniBed and Giraffe Incubator Patient Safety Videos
01 - Introduction
02 - Pre-use checkout
03 - Manipulating portholes and bedside panels
04 - Sliding out, rotating, and tilting the mattress
05 - Raising and lowering the bed
06 - Porthole cover
07 - Tubing management arm
08 - Using skin temperature probes
09 - Alarms
10 - Temperature modes
11 - Using the x-ray tray
12 - Using the humidifier
13 - Dovetail rail
14 - Using Servo Oxygen
15 - Additional resources
Clinical Education Videos
Admission Comfort Zone
Admission Transport
Golden Hour
Heat Balance
Thermoregulation Troubleshooting
Perinatal Perspectives Webinars
Our Perinatal Perspectives Clinical Webinar program provides clinicians with evidence-based research and clinical practice to help enhance and standardize care.
Hear from Clinicians
GE BiliSoft Phototherapy for Jaundice Review: Ft. Labor & Delivery Nurses
GE Panda Warmer Review: Ft. Labor & Delivery Nurses
Giraffe Carestation and Giraffe Shuttle: HUG Geneva, Switzerland
Giraffe Shuttle Women and Infants Testimonial
Hear from a Novii user: Kimberly Walls
Mini Telemetry System Customer Testimonial at Texas Childrens
Product Inservice Videos
BiliSoft In-Service
Care Plus Incubator In-Service
Corometrics 170 In-Service
Corometrics 250 In-Service
Giraffe Incubator In-Service
Giraffe Incubator Service
Giraffe OmniBed Carestation Cleaning and Disinfection
Giraffe OmniBed Enhanced Canopy Seals
Giraffe OmniBed In-Service
Giraffe OmniBed Service
Giraffe Shuttle Inservice
Giraffe Warmer In-Service
Mini Telemetry Inservice
Novii Wireless Patch System: Complete Training video
Panda Warmer In-Service
Panda Warmer: How to Weigh Baby Accurately
Phototherapy Systems
How to check irradiance on the BiliSoft 2.0 Phototherapy System
How to check irradiance on the Giraffe Blue Spot Phototherapy system
How to use phototherapy
How to use phototherapy at home
Product Promotional Videos
Giraffe Shuttle Promo
Giraffe Stand-alone Infant Resuscitation System Promo
Giraffe StAR Promo - GERMAN
Giraffe StAR Promo - ITALIAN
Giraffe StAR Promo - SPANISH
Mini Telemetry Promo
Giraffe Carestation
Clinical Value: Family Centered Care
Clinical Value: Light
Clinical Value: Managing Sound
Clinical Value: Neutral Thermal Environment
Clinical Value: Touch
Clinical Value: User Experience
Combining Technology and Experience to Send Babies Home Healthy
Product Rotations
BiliSoft Lite (360°)
CARESCAPE Monitor B450 (360°)
CARESCAPE Monitor B650 (360°)
Corometrics 170 (360°)
Corometrics 250cx (360°)
Giraffe Blue Spot PT Lite (360°)
Giraffe Incubator (360°)
Giraffe OmniBed Carestation: Canopy Down (360°)
Giraffe OmniBed Carestation: Open Canopy (360°)
Giraffe Shuttle (360°)
Giraffe Shuttle (StAR) (360°)
Giraffe Stand-alone Infant Resuscitation (360°)
Giraffe Warmer (360°)
Mini Telemetry System (360°)
Panda Warmer (360°)